A Wisconsin commercial operator who wants to drive a vehicle with air brakes must pass a special knowledge test on air brake systems You must also pass a skills test in a vehicle equipped with air brakes If you choose not to take the air brake tests, you will have a commercial license restriction of “No airbrake equipped” With this restriction on your CDL, you may not legally operate any commercial vehicle with air brakes

“K” – No CMV operation in Interstate Commerce

“51” – No intrastate CMV operation unless exempt

“V” – CMV medical variance

“L” – No airbrake equipped

“Z” – No full airbrake equipped CMV (Skills test

was taken )

“E” – No manual transmission equipped CMV (Skills test was taken in an automatic transmission vehicle )

“O” – No tractor/trailer CMV (Class A skills test was not taken in a tractor/trailer )

“M” – No class A passenger vehicle

“N” – No class A/B passenger vehicle

“X” – No cargo in CMV tank vehicle

To lift restrictions Z, E, O, M, N, or to add an S or P endorsement you must hold a Commercial Learner Permit for at least 14 days before taking a skills test